NEW EP: This Road

This Road [EP]
Release: June 1st 2016
Mixed By Russell Elevado
1. This Road
2. Rolla Coasta
3. War Paint
4. Wanna Take You Home


This group of young musicians, gathered together by lead singer Joel Gaerthe, has already played in a numerous amount of venues in The Netherlands since they got together in 2011, and now the end of their latest quest is in sight. The past year was full of writing and recording and the result of this process has led them to rediscovering them selves. The name "THE HOWLIN'" may refer to many different aspects of the band, but it mainly describes the raspy voice of Joel Gaerthe and the all-round crackling sounds in their music. The sound of the band is hard to corner; it's soulful, modern and quite alternative. Inspired by hip hop, rock and folk music, all members of the band, although still young, are reputable musicians with roots in different formations. But nothing beats playing together.

On tour, playing under their last banner "Ashtraynutz" at e.g. Paradiso, Oosterpoort, Tivoli, Solar and Zwarte Cross, they never went by unnoticed! Dutch radio DJs on 3FM, Radio 6, radio 2,.. raved about their sound.

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The Howlin' - This Road
Artwork by Tom Jager
The Howlin' - Rolla Coasta
Artwork by Tom Jager
The Howlin' - War Paint
Artwork by Tom Jager
The Howlin' - Wanna Take You Home
Artwork by Tom Jager



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